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Possiamo curare i tuoi interessi ovunque nel Mondo

The International Association of Lawyers (UIA - Union Internationale des Avocats) brings together over 2,000,000 individual lawyers members and 200 bar, federation and association members, from more than 110 countries in all the world.
The UIA is Open to all the world’s lawyers, both general practitioners and specialists.
Its members also include legal professionals, judges, law students and teachers.
The UIA is a multilingual and multicultural organisation, and is the major international lawyers’ organisation in the world.
The UIA's membership has extensive expertise in legal matters, which means the UIA can initiate high-level legal debates within its technical commissions and working groups, as well as ado
pts resolutions on current problems faced by the legal profession throughout the world.

For all your problems anywhere in the world we can help you.

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